Laboratory Diagnostic Services Onsite

• Onsite fully accredited laboratory and digital X-Ray and CT • Diagnostic results within same visit

Rapid Service, No Appointment Needed

•Open 365 days per year
• Open until 10pm every night

Always Staffed By Doctors

• Referral network of specialists to provide an easier process for specialty follow up care
• Our accommodating staff will arrange follow-up appointments and provide all medical records per request

Welcome to West Isle Urgent Care in Galveston, TX. Since 2007 we have been a convenient alternative to an emergency room for non-life threatening conditions. Directed by a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, our clinic provides care for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.
Located just south of I-45 and 61st street, we offer extended hours, no appointments necessary, reduced wait time, emphasis on customer service, and prompt and efficient medical care.
On-site digital x-ray equipment enables an accurate evaluation and same day results.
At West Isle Urgent Care, you will always be seen by a physician.


West Isle Urgent Care (WIUC) vs. Free Standing Emergency Room (FSER)

Average visit cost?Under $250.00$2500.00 or more
In-Network?ALL Major InsuranceRarely if ever
Co-Pay?Usually low or noneUsually $100 - $500 or more
In-House LabYes - Mod ComplexityYes - Mod Complexity
In-House X-Ray?YesYes
In-House CT Scan?YesYes
Staffed by ER MD's?YesYes
Large laceration repair?YesYes
Fracture Care?YesYes
Abdominal Pain?YesYes
IV FluidsYesYes
Transfer to hospital delayed by administrative process?NoYes-Sometimes by several hours
Risk of ER fees not being covered if transferred?NoYes-You may be billed for a second ER visit which won't be covered

If we recognize that you have a life-threatening condition, WIUC will always recommend and arrange immediate transfer to a hospital based full service ER, with specialists, cardiac catheteriazation facilities, and operating rooms rapidly available.